From Our Founder

18 Years Of Experience

Established in 2012, Carzo Group is one of Malaysia’s leading fruit wholesalers, distributors and importers in the nation.

Based in Selayang, a prominent fruit wholesale district within the Klang Valley, Carzo Group supplies to numerous top supermarkets and hypermarkets nationwide. Driven by meticulous attention to quality and freshness, as well as pioneering innovation in the market, we are poised for fruitful new possibilities.

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The Business

Our Companies

Carzo Fruits covers a broad scope of activities within the fruit industry, creating value along the entire supply chain – import, distribution, wholesale, preparation, manufacturing and retail.

Carzo Sdn Bhd

  • Involved in wholesale activities
  • Marketing arm
  • Operates vending machines

Carzo Fruits
Distribution to retail outlets e.g. supermarkets/ hypermarkets

  • Deliver 6 days a week with our own fleet of vehicles
  • Ready-To-Eat Fruits Preparation
  • Fruit Juice Manufacturing
  • Dried Fruits Manufacturing

Carzo Import
Specialises in import, export and re-export of fruits

  • Imported international produce
  • Local produce from own farm

Our New Offerings

Who says fruits can only be enjoyed in one way? We’re giving the goodness of fruits to people in more ways than ever through innovative means and technologies:

Ready-To-Eat Fruits
The ideal fix for enjoying our fruits without the need for peeling or cutting – ready-to-cut for absolute convenience. Our facility ensures that stringent health and safety standards are upheld at all times.

Fruit Juice Manufacturing
Juicing is another trendy and handy way of enjoying fresh fruits. Our state-of-the-art bottling facility is able to produce 16,000 bottles of juice daily, filled to the brim with natural nutrients and goodness.

Dried Fruits
A high-quality, nutritious and healthy alternative for snacking. Our fruits are carefully processed to ensure essential nutrients are not lose, with similar levels of Vitamin A, Vitamin E, fibre and minerals to fresh fruits. Up to 2,000kg of dried fruits are processed daily in our production facility!

Vending Machine
Carzo plans to roll out vending machines across various office buildings, targeting lunchtime crowds by offering a variety of fresh fruits, fruit juice, dried fruits and nuts. Each machine has a maximum capacity of 310 products and is restocked daily to ensure freshness. For convenience, e-wallet payment modes will also be accepted. Indeed, this promises to be a first-of-its-kind breakthrough in the market that will greatly tap into Malaysians’ love for all things fruity.

What We Do?

The Carzo Difference

What sets Carzo Group apart is several key differentiation factors that have been carefully built and maintained over the years.

Advance Facilities

Carzo Group boasts an impressive 13,000 sq. ft. cold room, which serves as storage space to ensure utmost freshness for our fruits. All our fruits are also packed in-house within our packaging facility, resulting in a distinctive Carzo standard of quality.

Online Innovation

We provide one of Malaysia’s first-of-its-kind online grocers for fruits, delivering freshly and attractively packed products to customers’ doorsteps. By leveraging on modern technological trends, we aim to make fruits shopping a hassle-free and enjoyable process for all generations.

Solid Experience

Possessing 18 years of experience in the fruits industry, Carzo Group President and Founder Mr Delon Lee truly understands the business inside out. His wealth of familiarity brings great insights into consumer preferences and needs, enabling the company to cater for them in excellence.

Excellent Variety

At Carzo Group, we understand that variety is the spice of life. Through a comprehensive network of suppliers and connections, Carzo Group continually expands its selection of fresh local and imported fruits for customers to choose from.

Reliable Logistics

Our refrigerated fleet of trucks are loaded from a specialised storage area to assure the continuation of the cold chain which is extremely important when transporting fresh fruits. The size of our fleet and flexible routing allows us to rapidly respond to customers’ requests.

Competitive Pricing

By leveraging on direct import and wholesale of our fruits, Carzo is able to keep costs low through the economics of scale. This translates into always-competitive prices for our customers.


Carzo Online Store

Starting off as a one-stop outlet for a variety of Carzo’s signature fresh fruits, CARZO has today evolved to become a sophisticated online portal for the tech-savvy fruit consumer. Just log in and browse from a wide range of fresh fruits available for delivery to your doorstep.

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Real people real stories

Carrie Ng, Housewife

CARZO gives me the convenience of shopping online. There’s no more need to walk or drive out to get fruits, everything can be done through my phone or laptop!

Mark Lidell, Grocer

I always trust Carzo for delivering the best quality fruits. Their products never fail to be my customers’ favourite choice!

Ari Dinesh, Web Entrepreneur

I’m a fruit lover but due to the nature of my work, I’m always too busy to buy fruits. Thus CARZO is perfect for me – great variety, good quality, value for money, and best of all, super convenient to order!

Amri Iskandar, Wholesale Purchaser

When it comes to fruits from Carzo, I have full confidence. The quality is always consistent, and prices are affordable. I receive no complaints from customers for their products.